In case a client (organisation) already exists the Tabie CRM database, you can still

  1. Add new contact persons to that client
  2. Edit already-existing contact person details
  3. Delete contact person information

This is possible in 6 steps

  1. On your menu, click More
  2. Click Other inputs
  3. Click Add/Edit Contact Persons
  4. In the same row of that specific client, click Add/Edit/Delete Contact

To add a new contact person

5. Click Add New Contact Person(s) to this client's portifolio

6. Enter the Contact person's information and click Submit Contact(s)

To edit an existing contact person

5. Click Edit Contact Person Information

6. Edit the information in the textboxes and click Update Contact

To Delete a contact person from the client/organisation info

5. Click Edit Contact Person Information

6. Click Delete Contact Person

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